Witchseeker – Scene of the Wild (Review)

Witchseeker - Scene of the WildWitchseeker are a heavy/speed metal band from Singapore and this is their second album.

Just look at that album cover! How Metal is that? It sets the scene nicely, so prepare yourself for Scene of the Wild‘s 38 minutes of glorious true heavy metal.

Witchseeker infuse their take on true classic metal with elements of speed metal’s energy and hard rock’s attitude, resulting in a collection of songs that are easy to bang your head along to.

The songs are written in the classic tried-and-tested traditional metal formula, and you can’t really go wrong with that. The band know their ABCs of METAL, and apply the classic template with love and skill. Like all good albums each song has its own place in the whole and is confident in its own personality and ability. It’s abundantly clear that Witchseeker know how to handle this sort of material, and they know a good tune when it hits you upside the head.

The solos shred, and the riffs kick multiple behinds. The melodies are infectious and the bass parts rumble along under everything else like deft thunder. The vocals are charismatic, and the album boasts many a good chorus. When you listen to something like this it’s effortlessly enjoyable, and you know that every time you listen to it you’re pretty much going to enjoy it just that little bit more.

Witchseeker are the real deal, and Scene of the Wild is effortlessly fun and satisfying in the way that all timeless metal can be.

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