Label Roundup: Dying Victims Productions – Tension, Tangent, & Vicious Knights (Reviews)

Wonderbox Metal gets sent a lot of new music, (which is great), but there’s no way that everything can get covered unfortunately, (which is not so great). This new column hopes to redress this balance, if only slightly, by taking a look at a handful of releases that a record label has recently sent out that might have otherwise slipped through the cracks.

Have you heard of Dying Victims Productions? They deal mostly with traditional heavy metal, and the label is home to a number of great bands and great albums, (Witchseeker are just one such example). The below three releases all see the light of day on January 28th 2022, so I thought it’s a great to catch up with some of the label’s latest output.

Tension - DecayTension – Decay – Heavy Metal – Germany

We’ll start with Tension, who give us a charismatic 45 minutes of joyous metal. This is pure, unadulterated heavy metal, cut from the old-school and sounding as if it is an old recording from a long-lost band that has just been unearthed from past decades.

The well-written songs follow the classic template and boast many a fine hook and catchy lead. In fact, the latter are some of the most compelling parts of the music for me, and they give me the same excitement that I got when first listening to Iron Maiden all those many years ago. Of course, leads alone do not a good song make, but Tension know what they’re doing with this sort of material, and Decay is packed with good songs that you will want to bang your head to.

Well we’re off to a fine start with Decay. Turn up the volume and let this one loose!

Tangent - TangentTangent – Tangent – Heavy Metal – Australia

Up next is relatively new band Tangent with their debut EP. Like Tension though, the music itself is resolutely old-school in execution, worshipping at the altar of 80s hard rock and heavy metal throughout four energetic and passionate tracks.

With a duration of 24 minutes there is a lot of meat on this EP, and the band make the most of the time by filling it with hard rocking riffs, galloping bass, and colourful solos. The music is rough and ready, and likely to start a fight with anyone that looks at it the wrong way. You can imagine this being the soundtrack to a bar fight, despite that fact that it’s fairly upbeat and perky in places. The vocals are somewhat of an acquired taste, but if you can get on board with them there’s much to enjoy here.

A decent introduction to Tangent. It’ll be interesting to see how this band develops.

Vicious Knights - Alteration Through PossessionVicious Knights – Alteration Through Possession – Death/Thrash Metal – Greece

Something a little different now, although as equally old-school as he two previous releases. Vicious Knights play a mix of death and thrash metal that should take you back to the 80s as effectively as Tension and Tangent did. (Also, as a side note, they feature a member of Yoth Iria on guitars/vocals).

This album spends 36 minutes ripping your flesh open with killer riffs, infectious leads, and feral snarls. The promo blurb mentions bands such as Kreator, Destruction, Possessed, and Sepultura, and these should serve as appropriate reference points for Vicious Knights’ classic sound.

With music that’s well-written and covered in spikes, Alteration Through Possession is a wild ride of classic death thrash that hits the spot nicely. Thrashtastic!

2 thoughts on “Label Roundup: Dying Victims Productions – Tension, Tangent, & Vicious Knights (Reviews)”

  1. I have bought some stuff from them.
    The best thing is the cheap shipping from Germany.
    It is cheaper to send items from Germany to Canada than it is for me to send it within my own city for some stupid reason.

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