Sonic Assault – Neon-Lit Metropolis (Review)

Sonic Assault - Neon-Lit MetropolisThis is the debut album from Swedish progressive thrash metal band Sonic Assault.

Sonic Assault’s music contains elements of hardcore, (primarily in the vocals), and black metal, but mostly the style is one of progressive/technical thrash, played with conviction and skill. Continue reading “Sonic Assault – Neon-Lit Metropolis (Review)”

Cryptosis – Bionic Swarm (Review)

Cryptosis - Bionic SwarmCryptosis are a thrash metal band from the Netherlands and this is their debut album.

Cryptosis play an aggressive form of thrash that combines raw fiery hostility with progressive depth. Thrown into this mix are minor elements of symphonic, technical, black, and death metal, all of which merely add flavour to an already tasty thrash-tastic recipe. Think Continue reading “Cryptosis – Bionic Swarm (Review)”

Affliktor – Affliktor (Review)

AffliktorAffliktor is a one-man black/thrash band from the US and this is his debut album.

This is blackened thrash with plenty of sharpness and bite. Think old-school black metal if it was mixed together with equally old-school Kreator. Continue reading “Affliktor – Affliktor (Review)”

Hybris – Blinded Thoughts (Review)

HybrisPolish band Hybris have just recently released their début EP – this is 18 minutes of Thrash-tinged Death Metal.

The first track Amnesia is the longest of the three and starts with a soft atmospheric intro that builds into a nice Thrash riff.

The songs are memorable and well-executed slabs of Thrash/Death, with a strong Old-School feel to the recording and aura of the EP.

I hear a good amount of influence from bands like Death. In fact this is the main comparator I’m reminded of; Death with a technical Thrash makeover. Other influences come into the songs as well though, such as the Egyptian vibe on Egyptian Darkness.

The music is crisp and technical but without sacrificing the song itself. The sound is precise and even the bass can be heard in a meaningful way.

There are lots of solos and leads; the band can certainly play but it’s not showboating or self-aggrandisement, just a sheer love of Metal and the demands of the song.

A most enjoyable EP that introduces Hybris to the world and promises great things for the band.

Frontal – Death Eaters (Review)

FrontalFrontal are from France and play Techincal/Progressive Modern Death Metal.

Imagine Meshuggah if they had more of a Modern Death Metal influence; add in a bit of Technical Thrash and this is the area that Frontal inhabit.

The songs are technical, angular and also remind of Devolved only without the Industrial influence, (and blast beats). Another description I suppose would be Progressive Deathcore, which sounds like an oxymoron, but only if you assume all Deathcore is stupid, (it isn’t).

The colliding riffs and obscure melodies will no doubt put some people off, but just as many will take to this easily and lap up the heavy, militaristic Technical Thrash that the band offer.

The vocalist has a good pair of lungs and for the most part spends his time using them to shout out lyrics in a throaty roar.

This is music that lacks subtlety but is still nuanced and complex. Although the riffs come thick and fast the band allow them to congeal on occasion to produce a stirring section or emotive passage, before fracturing once more and falling away in different directions all at once.

Definitely a grower. A good album that will probably suffer from premature dismissal by a lot of people, which is a shame as there is a lot to like here. Give them the time to show you what they can do.