Aphonic Threnody – The All Consuming Void (Review)

Aphonic Threnody - The All Consuming VoidAphonic Threnody are an international funeral doom band and this is their fourth album.

It’s always a grim pleasure to hear new Aphonic Threnody material. If you’re unfamiliar with the band, also check out 2017’s Of Loss and Grief, and 2020’s The Great Hatred, both of which are well worth your time.

On The All Consuming Void Aphonic Threnody are back with 65 minutes of new material, and a new lineup. This new incarnation of Aphonic Threnody continues where the old one left off by crafting huge slabs of funeral doom, but also expands on this via an increased breadth of ambition and songwriting skill. The band also have a notable new vocalist, (ex-Eye of Solitude, and many others), who demonstrates his broad range well, from truly monstrous growls to ethereal cleans.

This is a new chapter for Aphonic Threnody as it’s the first time that they’re completely operating as a full band, which has resulted in songs that are even more well-rounded than the band’s previous work was.

The songs are as doom-drenched and dark as you would expect, but within this framework the band offer a surprisingly multifaceted emotive experience. Here’s a band with an easy mastery of the funeral doom style, and know that while you can get far with droning repetition, you’ll get even further with rich emotive layering. It’s these latter aspects that have been driven forward by the band’s new lineup and it has focused their energies in this direction to great effect.

The band’s compositions are vast and imposing. The haunting melodies are powerfully-wrought, pulling the listener into the band’s immersive world of extreme doom. The guitars, (alongside everything else), create atmospheric songs that are absorbing and compelling.

The latest Aphonic Threnody album is a real funeral doom treat. The All Consuming Void does exactly what you’d want a funeral doom album to do, and it does it exceptionally well.

Fans of lengthy songs that swamp the listener with unending waves of doom and gloom simply must check this out.

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