Aphonic Threnody – The Great Hatred (Review)

Aphonic Threnody - The Great HatredAphonic Threnody are an international funeral doom band, and this is their third album.

Having enjoyed 2017’s Of Loss and Grief, and knowing that the band features members of Arrant Saudade, Towards Atlantis Lights, and Dea Marica, as soon as I saw The Great Hatred appear I knew I had to spend some time absorbing its dark doomy delights.

On The Great Hatred Aphonic Threnody offer up a 57-minute mix of funeral doom and atmospheric death/doom, with deep guttural growls and plenty of melodic accoutrements. The Great Hatred is highly atmospheric and very immersive. The soul crushing music absolutely weeps mournful emotions and great sadness. This is powerful stuff, designed by people that know the style inside out to deliver maximum despondency and woe.

The songs are slow and atmospheric, but have a good mix of moods, textures, and paces, (all of them downbeat), that hold the listener’s interest. The artists behind the band demonstrate a good understanding of how to use melody, tying it in with what the rest of the instruments are doing in ways that greatly benefit the overall song structures. The use of keyboards, frequently quite subtle, are especially skilled.

Aphonic Threnody paint their soundscapes with a broad canvas, taking a wide-ranging approach to their doom-filled music. Layered and full of details to discover over time, the lengthy tracks keep you returning for more. With each visit you lose yourself deeper and deeper into the band’s rich doom.

The Great Hatred is an album that’s simply a first-rate example of the style. It’s Aphonic Threnody’s best work to date, and it’s a pretty essential listen for anyone into funeral death/doom.

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