Eihort – Consuming the Light (Review)

Eihort - Consuming the LightThis is the debut album from UK black metallers Eihort.

Consuming the Light consists of six original blackened hymns and a Samael cover. All told, we’re given 33 minutes of classic black metal from a band that obviously know and love the style very much.

This is black metal that’s cold and ancient, yet with a vibrant contemporary bite that speaks of grim passion and a determined mien. It delivers a satisfying mix of venomous aggression and atmospheric weight, and if you’re a fan of the classic style, then there’s much to like here. Of course, if you’re not, then I doubt this will persuade you otherwise. For me, an album like this is easy to like.

The icy second wave sits at the heart of Consuming the Light, but buried within its frosted realms are a few different influences that you might not be expecting. Touches of dissonance can be heard, for example, as can a penchant for some eerily strange melodies and atmospheric enrichments. Speaking of melodies, when they’re not building images of otherworldly daemons that stalk just behind reality’s thin veil, they’re rich and warm, offsetting the band’s frigid core with emotive spectral potency.

The well-written music is authentic and enjoyable, easily absorbed by those with a taste for the traditional black metal style. Add in a few different flavours and textures from unexpected avenues, and you have a tasty feast of well-crafted black metal.

Highly recommended for adherents of old-school black metal.

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