Thecodontion/Vessel of Iniquity – The Permian-Triassic Extinction Event – Split (Review)

Thecodontion Vessel of Iniquity - The Permian-Triassic Extinction Event - SplitThecodontion are an italian blackened death metal band, and Vessel of Iniquity is a solo UK black metal act.

Thecodontion present us with two songs lasting 12 minutes in total.

The band’s blackened death metal is non-standard and idiosyncratic, and it is great to hear some new material from them. With brutal poise and lethal instincts, these songs once again demonstrate the musical worth of Thecodontion.

The two songs are feral and aggressive, but not without elements of atmosphere or melody. The music stalks and sprints like an apex predator hunting and killing its prey.

The songs have an otherworldly aura that almost seems at odds with their harsh foundations. This is born out of a combination of nuanced songwriting and a bass-heavy style. The reality is, however, the different aspects of the band’s musical personality mesh together well, giving Thecodontion an atypical sound that is all of their own.

Both tracks are very good, but my preference is probably for the second one. Its belligerent textures and affecting melodies push it marginally ahead of the first.

Vessel of Inquity’s side of the split delivers one song with a duration of 11 minutes.

The Great Dying is a furious expression of rage and hatred, delivered with passionate intensity and raw venom. This is vicious black metal that’s been twinned with harsh noise to create something truly abrasive and dark. Menacing, terrifying auras accompany the malevolent chaos that exists at the heart of this song. Evil sounds bleed out of the speakers like nightmares made real.

It’s a textured piece though, and certainly not all about blasting aggression. A quieter, non-violent moment that’s filled with tension can also be found; a calm before the storm. The artist behind the band also knows how to slow down on occasion to facilitate truly atmospheric sections, which is ably demonstrated right after the calm part.

A very enjoyable split from two different, yet complementary bands. Very highly recommended.

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