Wolfbastard – Hammer the Bastards (Review)

Wolfbastard - Hammer the BastardsWolfbastard are from the UK and play blackened crust. This is their third album.

Wolfbastard play the sort of sick and depraved blackened crust punk that you know you probably shouldn’t like, but you can’t help it as the songs are just so damn infectious. Seriously, the band can write a good hook, even if it is covered in grime and filth. Continue reading “Wolfbastard – Hammer the Bastards (Review)”

Go Ahead and Die – Go Ahead and Die (Review)

Go Ahead and Die - Go Ahead and DieThis is the debut album from Go Ahead and Die, a death/thrash metal band.

Go Ahead and Die treats us to 44 minutes of old-school thrash metal, with some death metal, punk, and grindcore thrown in for good measure. Continue reading “Go Ahead and Die – Go Ahead and Die (Review)”

Marginal – Total Destruction (Review)

MarginalMarginal are a Belgian grindcore/crust band and this is their new album.

This is a raw and visceral grinding crust assault that channels the old-school energy of bands such as Napalm Death, Discharge, and Extreme Noise Terror into 27 minutes of utter savagery. Continue reading “Marginal – Total Destruction (Review)”

Vallenfyre – Fear Those Who Fear Him (Review)

VallenfyreThis is the third album from Vallenfyre, a death metal band from the UK.

Featuring current and ex-members of Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride, and Abhorrence, in Fear Those Who Fear Him Vallenfyre deliver 39 minutes of ugly, nasty death metal. Continue reading “Vallenfyre – Fear Those Who Fear Him (Review)”

Wolfbastard – Wolfbastard (Review)

WolfbastardWolfbastard are from the UK and play Black Metal/Hardcore. This is their début album.

Like a cross between Darkthrone and Discharge, Wolfbastard play Crust-infused Black Metal that’s as ugly a version of Blackened Hardcore as you’re going to get. D-beat fury and icy rage combine to fuel these songs with an unearthly layer of unhealthy grime.

Harsh screaming vocals are your guide as you traverse the difficult terrain ahead of you. Pounding drums and savage guitars are your constant companions on this unfriendly path.

The songs are short, unmerciless and barbaric. Like a primitive template of how to merge two already atavistic styles, Wolfbastard’s début excels at showing how enjoyable Blackened Hardcore can be. These songs are imbued with an Old-School fury; Hardcore energy and Black Metal hate, combined in just the right amount.

The music is surprisingly catchy in many ways. The songs may not last long, but while they’re around the band make sure the playing time is filled with good riffs and memorable vocal patterns, with many a chorus being quite singable. Well, assuming you want to run around shredding your throat raw by shouting things like Nuns for the Slaughter, Summoning the Antichrist or Wolfbastard. Which maybe you do, who knows? If that’s the case, have at it old bean!

At any rate, this is a release that once again shows how fertile and diverse the UK Metal scene is. Wolfbastard are a worthy addition to the UK’s growing roster of quality bands, and this album is both strong and enjoyable.

Highly recommended.

Obliterations – Poison Everything (Review)

ObliterationsObliterations are a Hardcore band from the US.

Obliterations play Punked-up, rage-fuelled Hardcore that spits and claws its way out of the speakers.

This is violent music that has an angry disposition and a bad attitude.

The Punk riffs are infected with energy and the music is a natural combination of the Old-School and New. The riffs themselves have an older flavour but the crushing production and fiery vocals are much more modern. Taken together they give Obliterations a very enjoyable sound.

Vocally the singer shreds his way through these high octane songs with the passion and intensity of a lifer committed to the cause.

This is a quality release that’s just under 30 minutes of heavy, angry Hardcore. It’s also a great way to start your day.

Play loud.

For fans of Poison Idea, Discharge, Black Flag, All Pigs Must Die and Converge.

Martyrdöd – Elddop (Review)

MartyrdodMartyrdöd are from Sweden and play Hardcore Crust. This is their fifth album.

Elddop has a heavy sound with the music sounding organic and lively; a well-produced rawness, if you will.

The band are quite melodic with their riffing. Typically the rhythm guitar lays down a firm, heavy foundation whilst the lead guitar adds colour and flavour over the top. Some of the riffs are quite inventive and the band gives a passionate performance.

The music is of the d-beat Crust variety but is not purely limited to this. The drums power the songs as the guitars make their melodic massacres. This style of music has its roots in the past in bands like Discharge, but a more modern point of reference would be Kvelertak I suppose.

Vocally we have savage shouts that sound hoarse and desperately urgent. It’s as if the singer can’t quite wait to blurt out what his message is, but he feels so disgusted by whatever he’s talking about that he can’t help but just shout it at the top of his lungs. It all adds a refreshing energy to the tracks. Thinking about it, he reminds me of the singer of At The Gates/Lock Up/etc., only deeper and a bit harsher.

Occupying that rarest of spaces where harshness and melodics meet, Martyrdöd have produced an enjoyable album that takes the Crust template, adds a little bit of Metal to it and then vomits vitriol and poisonous invective over everything.

Listen loud and let Martyrdöd shake your world.

All Pigs Must Die – Nothing Violates This Nature (Review)

APMDAll Pigs Must Die are from the US and play ultra-violent Hardcore Metal.

The band mix the aggression of Converge, the crust of Discharge and the Metal of Entombed into one searing package of extremity and violence.

This is a brutal rampage though a filth-fuelled rage-dump and catharsis through ferocity. The songs strain against the fabric of civilised society, holding the promise of anarchy and release but remaining coherent enough to channel all of the fury into a collection of tracks that are not only heavy musically but also with destructive potential.

There is 33 minutes of music here, spread across 10 tracks; the perfect amount of time so that the aggression truly flows into you but not so much that it can become stale or wasted potential.

I love music like this. It’s so vital and alive and epitomises why heavy music is so enticing. Do yourself a favour and get this album.