Go Ahead and Die – Go Ahead and Die (Review)

Go Ahead and Die - Go Ahead and DieThis is the debut album from Go Ahead and Die, a death/thrash metal band.

Go Ahead and Die treats us to 44 minutes of old-school thrash metal, with some death metal, punk, and grindcore thrown in for good measure.

The band consists of Max Cavalera, (Soulfly/ex-Sepultura), his son, and the drummer of Khemmis/Black Curse.

The music is raw and aggressive, taking influence from old-school bands from the 80s and channelling the spirit of this era into songs that really do sound like lost recording from a past era. Think of early Sepultura, then add in some Celtic Frost, S.O.D., Discharge, Kreator, Slayer, Napalm Death, and a handful of other, similar influences.

The music is filled with sharp riffs and belligerent brutality. The songs are raging torrents of fury and anger, and have clearly been put together by people with a love for the source material.

The songs are raw and unrefined, with a loose feel to them that makes them more appealing that not. This is not music that’s been polished to within an inch of its sterile life; this is a vibrant, rough, and honest take on authentic heavy music. In this regard, and many others, Go Ahead and Die is an outlier when it comes to higher profile releases in 2021, and this is no bad thing.

Go Ahead and Die is nostalgic, but without being maudlin. Although this won’t be for everyone, especially people who favour more modern, pristine productions, it’s a thoroughly fun and enjoyable record that kicks hard.

Highly recommended.

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