Wolfbastard – Hammer the Bastards (Review)

Wolfbastard - Hammer the BastardsWolfbastard are from the UK and play blackened crust. This is their third album.

Wolfbastard play the sort of sick and depraved blackened crust punk that you know you probably shouldn’t like, but you can’t help it as the songs are just so damn infectious. Seriously, the band can write a good hook, even if it is covered in grime and filth.

The songs are short, primitive, violent, and nasty. Channelling the spirit of bands like Darkthrone, Discharge, Motörhead, and Venom into brief flurries of attitude and destruction, Wolfbastard’s music is wonderfully aggressive and fun.

These tracks are full of energetic vigour and vim. The band’s blackened d-beat assault is raw and scathing, but packaged into songs that have many more catchy and memorable parts than you might imagine. Wolfbastard are not a band that put no thought into their music; this is hook-filled extremity that you can happily find yourself humming and singing along to as you go about your daily business.

The album is recorded well, and Wolfbastard sound good; raw and filthy, but also powerful and strong.

The vocals scream out from the music with rage and hate. Sometimes they are grim blackened shrieks, but most of the time they’re feral snarls. Either way, they’re performed well and sound good.

Hammer the Bastards is another quality release of violence and aggression from Wolfbastard. If you’re a fan of their crusty black metal style, then make sure you spend some time getting punched around by this.

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