Marginal – Total Destruction (Review)

MarginalMarginal are a Belgian grindcore/crust band and this is their new album.

This is a raw and visceral grinding crust assault that channels the old-school energy of bands such as Napalm Death, Discharge, and Extreme Noise Terror into 27 minutes of utter savagery.

There’s nothing nice here. Not at all. Well, unless you like ferocious, nasty, grinding crust, of course. The songs are savage and brutal, wasting no time in ripping your face off and stomping on it unceremoniously.

Music like this is very simple and effective, largely because it’s realised and delivered with obvious enthusiasm and skill. Here’s a band that just want to plug in and let loose, which is what they do for the duration of this ugly, nasty piece of work that they’ve put together.

With a gnarly recording that’s just as raw and effective as the music, Total Destruction is old-school crustgrind at its best.

Highly recommended.

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