C.O.A.G. – Sociopath (Review)

C.O.A.G.C.O.A.G. play the kind of Grindcore that you can cut yourself on. C.O.A.G. is short for Coalition of Abnormal Grindcore and as a statement of intent and sound this is a pretty good one.

This is abrasive, sharp and so full of aggression it makes most bands sound tame by comparison. It’s an old-school blast-fest combined with elements of other Extreme Metal genres, (bits of Hardcore here, some Death Metal there), to create a very satisfying listen.

The vocals are kind of shouted but in a very strange way; almost like the singer of Crowbar straining through a filter. It shouldn’t work but it does. The same of which can be said of the Hatebreed cover.

A very short but very enjoyable release. Who doesn’t like a good, honest blast now and again?

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