Draghkar – At the Crossroads of Infinity (Review)

Draghkar - At the Crossroads of InfinityDraghkar are a US death metal band and this is their debut album.

I’m a big fan of Draghkar’s work, (here, here, here), and have really enjoyed watching the band develop over the years, from a one-man act, (see also Azath), to a fully-fledged band, (featuring the singer of Vastum, as well as musicians from other Continue reading

Palace of Worms/Ecferus – Split (Review)

Palace of Worms EcferusThis is a split between Palace of Worms and Ecferus – two US one-man black metal bands.

Both of these bands are ones that I really enjoy, and both have a history of quality releases, (check out The Ladder, Prehistory and Shamaniacal Essence), so when I found out they were sharing a split release, the expectation levels rocketed up. Continue reading

Ecferus – Prehistory (Review)

EcferusThis is the début album by Ecferus, a one man Black Metal project from the US.

This is Black Metal that’s somewhere between the Cascadian type and the more dissonant style of Black Metal.

The songs feature emotive riffing that seems to wind around on a journey, searching for something that was lost long ago. It’s marvellously composed.

The thing that I love about Black Metal like this, (well, one of the things), is the sense of exploration and wonder that it brings me. This is well-thought out music that is more than just a collection of riffs, it’s about atmosphere and feeling in the widest sense.

The pieces of music contained on this 36 minute release provide the listener with a musical framework wrought from the Blackest Black Metal from which they can feel the wonder and awe that the artist clearly feels about the universe and our existence.

A decent amount of variety is incorporated across these 4 tracks and there’s a lot to absorb here. Even the faster sections are dedicated to providing the listener with a thoughtfully emotive experience and taken holistically every song works hard, (though effortlessly), to engage and stimulate.

Ecferus are a great example of all that is right and healthy with the Black Metal scene in 2015.

An essential listen, I feel.