Silver Knife – Unyielding/Unseeing (Review)

Silver Knife - Unyielding UnseeingSilver Knife are an international post-black metal band and this is their debut album.

Featuring members of bands such as Cult of Erinyes and Laster, Silver Knife have produced 42 minutes of harsh, mood-driven black metal. Continue reading “Silver Knife – Unyielding/Unseeing (Review)”

Slow – V – Oceans (Review)

SlowSlow is a solo funeral doom band from Belgium and this is his fifth album.

From the man involved with bands such as We All Die (Laughing), COAG, Merda Mundi, Cult of Erinyes, and many others, this is 57 minutes of atmospheric funeral doom that’s come to drag you down into a bleak, watery abyss. Continue reading “Slow – V – Oceans (Review)”

Cult of Erinyes – Tiberivs (Review)

Cult of ErinyesThis is the second album from Belgian black metal bandĀ Cult of Erinyes.

The band’s 2016 EP Transcendence was a very strong calling card for Cult of Erinyes, ably demonstrating their ritualistic black metal to great effect. Continue reading “Cult of Erinyes – Tiberivs (Review)”

Cult of Erinyes – Transcendence (Review)

Cult of ErinyesCult of Erinyes are a Black Metal band from Belgium. This is their latest EP.

Featuring 19 minutes of Black Metal, (2 originals and a Mayhem cover), Cult of Erinyes play sharp Black Metal with ritualistic auras.

The EP has a strong sound that allows all of the instruments to be heard well, even the lesser-spotted bass guitar gets to play its part.

Poisonous riffs and black moods pervade the tracks and the guitars give a good account of their time in Hell. At least, I’m assuming that’s where they’ve come from.

The songs are of the classic style, wrapped in darkness and grim portents. It’s mainly a mid-paced affair that gives the listener plenty to think about as the band attempt to bring on the apocalypse.

The singer’s icy rasp is well-performed and heavy with contempt. It sounds good.

Transcendence is probably my favourite track out of the three. It boasts a crawling, malevolent aura and really slow-builds to an unnerving ending; the music slows down and takes on a mystical quality while the singer repeatsĀ “remember my name” over and over.

An enjoyable EP that provides a good blackened fix.