Cult of Erinyes – Tiberivs (Review)

Cult of ErinyesThis is the second album from Belgian black metal band Cult of Erinyes.

The band’s 2016 EP Transcendence was a very strong calling card for Cult of Erinyes, ably demonstrating their ritualistic black metal to great effect.

On this new album we now have 55 minutes of Roman-themed black metal to enjoy.

Sharp, cutting, and full of savage intensity, there’s nonetheless both progressive and atmospheric aspects to the band’s music that allows them to step back from the blackened harshness and embrace a deeper appreciation of the themes of the era that they are collectively exploring.

There’s a high quotient of ferocity in the music here. Fast, scathing riffs and high-impact blast-beats are common across the songs. These fulfil their roles very well, but what really gets the juices flowing for me is when the band incorporate progressive and atmospheric elements into their music. It’s these kind of moments when their black metal is elevated to a higher level.

Yes, these are the bits that really do it for me. Some of the more atmospheric sections that are strewn across the album are really effective and compelling. You feel you can really get lost in them, so engrossing and emotive are they.

This combination of savagery, progressive depth and far-reaching atmosphere makes for a very strong album. Tiberivs is grand, ambitious and realised with the skill and talent of people that probably came close to losing their minds when trying to put this all together. I’m very glad for their efforts though, as this is a black metal album to return to again and again.

Very highly recommended.


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