MNHG – Mundare (Review)

MNHG - MundareThis is the debut album from German black metallers MNHG.

I confess that anything with the black ‘n’ roll tag I usually let pass me by, but after a brief sampling of the material here I felt compelled to dive deeper, and here we are.

So, what did I find upon entering MNHG’s world? ALL OF THE RIFFS!!!


More specifically, I found 39 minutes of groove-ridden black metal, with a punky edge and more riffs than you can shake a stick at. This is an album that’s hard to stay still to; its infectious riffs and brief-but-moreish songs make for an experience that can only really be described as fun. Black metal? Fun? It’s true. Mundare is the black metal equivalent of kicking out the jams with your mates and having a riotous time.

Catchy and immediately arresting, these songs hit hard and positively demand you stop what you’re doing and start banging your head and throwing your fists in the air. The riffs…oh, they’re just so shamelessly (black) METAL, and they’re everywhere. EVERYWHERE! Blink and you’ll miss one…only you won’t because it’s just smacked you in the head!

There are some absolutely shredding solos here too.

Damn, if this album didn’t knock the cynicism out of me. Who said black metal couldn’t sound fun, while also kicking you firmly and squarely in the face? Black ‘n’ roll rarely sounds as good as this, so make sure you limber up the old neck, clear a space of any breakables, press play, turn up the volume, and get ready to thrash like a maniac.

What more can I say?

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