Black Tusk – TCBT (Review)

Black TuskBlack Tusk are a metal/hardcore band from the US and this is their fifth album.

Out of the ashes of personal tragedy comes the latest album by Black Tusk; TCBT, or Taking Care of Black Tusk.

With a new vocalist this is a recharged and refocused Black Tusk, reforging themselves after the tragic death of one of their band members. TCBT is a fitting tribute, containing 42 minutes of high energy, high quality music.

Potent and powerful, the band’s so-called Swamp Metal sounds on fire here. A thoroughly engaging mix of fiery punk riffs, sludge rock aggression, and metallic pump, these songs are easy to enjoy. The hardcore part of the Black Tusk experience is heightened on TCBT, which is no bad thing as far as I’m concerned. There’s also an added atmospheric tinge to parts of their music these days, with keyboards and swampy Gothic atmosphere providing an extra level to their sound on tracks like Scalped and Ghosts Roam.

The band’s triple vocal assault is as effective as ever, adding a lot of character and personality to the music. Playing off the frequently catchy riffs and working around them very well, the vocals add a lot to the music, and the songs kick ass because of it.

TCBT is an album of memorable and enjoyable songs, with good flow and pacing. Black Tusk clearly know how to write a good tune, and TCBT is full of them.

Highly recommended.

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