Interview with Sunlight’s Bane

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Sunlight’s Bane’s debut album – The Blackest Volume: Like All the Earth Was Buried – has got to be one of the best examples of individualistic filthed-out extremity that I’ve heard in quite some time. Put simply, it’s fantastic.

Nick, the band’s vitriolic singer, gave us some more insight into his hugely impressive band… Continue reading

Sunlight’s Bane – The Blackest Volume: Like All the Earth Was Buried (Review)

Sunlight's BaneThis is the debut album from Sunlight’s Bane, a blackened sludge/grindcore band from the US.

This is nasty, raw and nihilistic music that wants nothing more than to terrify, scar and demoralise the listener. With a mix of Nails, Anaal Nathrakh, Hooded Menace, Aborted, Trap Them, Extreme Noise Terror, Primitive Man, Zao, and many others in their sound, Sunlight’s Bane have concocted an identity that’s very much their own and quite a hard one to accurately classify, if you care about such things. Continue reading