Interview with Beldam

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Baldam’s second album Pasung is a monstrous sludge metal beast that gets even better the louder you play it. It’s crushing, devastating stuff. It also has a core of well-written music at its dark heart, obscured by waves of thick grimy distortion and evil vocals. If you’re a fan of heavy, filthy music then this is one that you need to check out as a priority.

Founder Grahm Reynolds lets us into the world of Beldam, what makes the band tick and how energised he is at the moment… Continue reading “Interview with Beldam”

Beldam – Pasung (Review)

BeldamBeldam are a blackened doom/sludge band form the US and this is their second album.

Pasung offers up 48 minutes of gritty, American sludge metal, replete with plenty of doom and an ugly blackened patina. Continue reading “Beldam – Pasung (Review)”