Friendship – Hatred (Review)

FriendshipFriendship are from Japan and play blackened grindcore/hardcore. This is their debut album.

Reeking of corrupted dark hardcore, blackened brutality, scathing powerviolence, and virulent grind, this is an album that’s perfectly titled.

The music is pitch-black and ultra-aggressive. Although quite adept at unleashing blistering speed, there’s more than just that here, as the band use various speeds and moods to crush, maim, and destroy the listener. Friendship also have an ear for a good riff, and there are some surprisingly catchy and memorable ones dotted around these tracks.

As the album progresses elements of sludge and even a bit of colossal doom rear their warped, ugly heads on occasion, enhancing the core aggression of the band’s main delivery even further. Everything is wrapped up in blackened fury and dark savagery, and Hatred is a withering listen.

Across these twelve tracks it soon becomes apparent that Friendship are no stranger to variety and differentiation. Although the album definitely has its own style and theme, within this chosen framework there are plenty of interesting ideas and different modes of sonic extremity explored. This, combined with the 25 minute playing time and the sheer quality of the music, means that Hatred is an easy album to replay over and over.

Definitely one for fans of Unyielding Love, Full of Hell, Nails, Sunlight’s Bane, Seeker, Helpless, Apes, and the like.

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