Trap Them – Crown Feral (Review)

Trap ThemTrap Them are a hardcore band from the US. This is their fifth album.

Trap Them play dark hardcore, full of raw nastiness and rabid bite.

The singer has the perfect voice for this kind of thing; completely feral and utterly aggressive. His high-pitched screaming shouts lash out from the music like dangerous bladed weapons, eager to draw blood. With compelling rhythms and engaging, memorable vocal patterns, his voice is the driving factor and focal point for the dark music.

The music takes the atypical hardcore of a band like Converge and filters it through the added nihilistic grinding extremity of something like Nails and the rhythmic brutality of All Pigs Must Die, (who they share a member with). All punk energy and crust filth, Crown Feral manages to playfully corrupt and warp these base influences into something altogether darker and more malignant than that of your average hardcore band.

For all their intensity and heaviness, these songs are not always without melody, but it’s not nice melody. This is the kind of melody that struggles to make itself heard over the cancerous distortion, and when it does it sounds every bit as hateful and mean-spirited as its distorted kin. It sincerely adds to the music though, reinforcing the feeling of listening to something sinister lurking just beneath the brutality, and sometimes eclipsing it so that the band portray their grim atmospheres in plain sight for a while, rather than smothered in hateful heaviness.

I love albums like this. If it’s dark, loud, nasty and extreme then it’s likely to find a home in my music collection. Not only is Crown Feral all of these things, but it’s done in such an impressive way that it’s just an addictive listen. Like the releases by the aforementioned above bands, (as well as many others in the sub-genre of dark hardcore), I can just listen to this all day long. With a playing time of 33 minutes it’s the perfect length to both satisfy and leave you wanting more.

Definitely one to keep returning to. A must-listen release.

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