Desecrate the Faith – Unholy Infestation (Review)

Desecrate the FaithThis is the second album from US death metallers Desecrate the Faith.

Desecrate the Faith play brutal death metal in the barbarous US style.

This is an unforgiving album that takes no prisoners and grants no mercies. If you’re into Suffocation, Defeated Sanity, Cannibal Corpse, Severe Torture, etc. then Desecrate the Faith should be right up your blood-soaked street.

Unholy Infestation has a strong production and the album sounds huge and muscular. Thick, heavy guitars provide plenty of meat to get your teeth into, while the drumming is particularly enjoyably played on top of this. Note should also be made of the bass guitar’s role in the songs, and I particularly enjoy the old-school Cannibal Corpse-esque bass breaks.

There are lots of tasty riffs to be heard throughout this album and the songs feature a decent amount of variety in speeds. Slow, mid-paced, fast and full-blast-ahead assault styles are all used and the band have a good sense of dynamics in their delivery.

The songs are comprehensive examples of brutal death metal that are played well with some nice technical moments added here and there amid the general carnage. The band certainly know how to play their instruments, when they’re not just smashing them into your face, of course.

The singer’s deep growls are extremely guttural and he sounds every bit the professional death-dealer. He’s a constant companion to the heavy death metal that thunders out of the speakers and his performance is first-rate throughout.

Unholy Infestation is a really quality blast of brutal death metal. With enough instant appeal, complexity, depth and variety to keep connoisseurs of the style content for many, many listens, Desecrate the Faith have done very well on their second album.

Highly recommended.

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