Au-Dessus – End of Chapter (Review)

Au-DessusAu-Dessus are a black metal band from Lithuania.

This is tension-building black metal that incorporates aspects of post-black metal to create involving atmospheres and dark soundscapes. Think a cross between Mayhem, Deathspell Omega and Schammasch, maybe.

There are seven tracks on End of Chapter and each one of them has a certain flavour of its own. The songs show a good grasp of composition, with engaging content, pacing, flow, arrangements, and ideas.

As this is black metal it’s not all about atmospherics and picture-painting; sometimes the band really just get into it with the blasting mayhem and bile-spewing. To be fair though, even this aspect of their sound shows them operating with a high level of sophistication.

The songs build force and intensity quickly, usually not relenting until the very end of the track, although as the music unfolds it twists, warps and churns this intensity into different shapes and feelings.

The complexity of these tracks sucks you in easily, without being overly complex as to put off or appear daunting to the listener. The songs are judged just right; interesting and compelling, rather than overly challenging and arrogant.

Blackened screams and shouts tear through the music like razor blades. These are very well-delivered and are occasionally enhanced by other styles and vocalisations here and there for maximum emotional impact.

End of Chapter is a very impressive and enjoyable listen. More than this – this is an album that not only makes you feel, but makes you think too.

I have no idea what the chapter they’re ending is, but I sincerely hope that the next one brings something as good as this.

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