Seeker – Loss (Review)

SeekerSeeker are from the US and play grindcore/hardcore. This is their second album.

Now this is the stuff for those days when you just can’t seem to get going and you need a huge kick up the arse to get you moving. Seeker are the steel-toe capped boot.

Loss is heavy and ultra-aggressive. Combining the intensity of old-school grindcore with the savagery of new school hardcore, there’s also crust, sludge, death metal, thrash, and deathcore influences peppered around these short, belligerent tracks; there’s even a touch of claustrophobic doom on the rare occasions when they slow down their killing pace.

The songs may be short, but they’re full of interesting, atypical riffs and compositional ideas, incorporating direct assaults with dissonance, blistering hardcore, and grinding mayhem.

Think Napalm Death meets All Pigs Must Die meets Ion Dissonance meets The Red Chord meets Nails meets…well, you get the idea; Seeker embody brief slices of ultra-violence.

This is 27 minutes of fury and venomous aggression, the likes of which you don’t get to see very often. It’s a brutal and ugly business, offering up pitch-black slabs of heavy, crushing intensity and relentless hostility. Loss is the type of album that you’ll love if you’re into any of the bands mentioned above, and sits nicely alongside releases from other bands such as Trap Them, Unyielding Love, Thieves, Apes, Weekend Nachos, The Drip, Full of Hell, Sunlight’s Bane, Vermin Womb, Sloth Herder, Elder Devil, and the like.

Essential brutality.

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