Ordem Satânica – Monte da Lua (Review)

Ordem SatanicaThis is the debut album from this Portuguese black metal band.

We’ve met this band before with 2016’s Ventos de Ódio, which made me hungry for more. Monte da Lua is here to satiate that hunger. Continue reading “Ordem Satânica – Monte da Lua (Review)”

Svartsyn – In Death (Review)

SvartsynSvartsyn is a cult one-man Swedish black metal band and this is his ninth album.

This is classic black metal, misanthropic and pure. If you’re looking for a hit of the good stuff, then In Death has almost 50 minutes of it. Continue reading “Svartsyn – In Death (Review)”

Amiensus – All Paths Lead to Death (Review)

AmiensusThis is the latest EP by US black metallers Amiensus.

Following on from their very well-received earlier work, (Restoration, for example), Amiensus return with a 29 minute EP that’s their darkest, most-direct work yet. Continue reading “Amiensus – All Paths Lead to Death (Review)”

Argus Megere – VEII (Review)

Argus MegereArgus Megere are a Romanian black metal band and this is their latest album.

Argus Megere play a combination of second wave and atmospheric black metal, with long songs and plenty of depth and texture. Continue reading “Argus Megere – VEII (Review)”

Temple of Nihil – Soul Extremist (Review)

Temple of NihilTemple of Nihil are a black metal band from Russia and this is their debut EP.

Temple of Nihil specialise in occult black metal with a tasty guitar tone and a daemonic persona. Continue reading “Temple of Nihil – Soul Extremist (Review)”

Mordant – Demonic Satanic (Review)

MordantThis is the third album from Swedish black/death metallers Mordant.

Mordant play a hybrid black/death style that takes influence from the Swedish melodic scene. Continue reading “Mordant – Demonic Satanic (Review)”

Athos – Noht Lerapot (Review)

AthosAthos is a one-man Greek black metal band and this is his fourth album.

Here we have almost 40 minutes of authentic second wave black metal for your delectation.

Scathing blackened melodies slice like razor blades through the frosted Continue reading “Athos – Noht Lerapot (Review)”

Råttkung – Unborn Undead (Review)

RattkungThis is the latest EP from one-man black metal band Råttkung, who hails from Denmark.

Råttkung’s debut EP Dark Is the Beginning was 17 minutes of raw, underground black metal that reached back to the early days of the second wave for inspiration.

In some ways this influence is continued on this latest short release, but we also see another side to Råttkung too. Here we get a mere three songs in 10 minutes, but what this EP lacks in length it makes up for in blackened malice and ambition. Continue reading “Råttkung – Unborn Undead (Review)”

Grafvitnir – Obeisance to a Witch Moon (Review)

GrafvitnirThis is the fourth album by Swedish black metal band Grafvitnir.

Influenced by the second wave of black metal, Grafvitnir take the traditional template and for 39 minutes bend this to their will, providing the listener with sophisticated brutality and thoughtful harshness. Continue reading “Grafvitnir – Obeisance to a Witch Moon (Review)”