The Unguided – Brotherhood (Review)

The UnguidedThis is the latest EP from The Unguided, a Swedish melodic metal band.

The band’s 2016 album Lust and Loathing was one of those albums that just got better and better the more I listened to it. On the surface the band didn’t seem to be doing anything too different from any number of similar melodic metal bands of the Soilwork variety, but there was just something about the clean vocals, the melodies and the songs as a whole that kept me returning to it.

Since then, unfortunately, things don’t seem to have gone so well for the band, as their guitarist/singer left. As the vocals were one of the highlights of Lust and Loathing, I approached this new two-track EP with a certain amount of trepidation.

Upon playing the short EP, the band’s electronic-enhanced stadium-friendly metal is still intact, only with a different set of vocals in place of the ones I knew. Although not a perfect replacement for the now-departed singer of old, the new singer still has an impressive set of pipes that he uses to great effect.

I think I slightly prefer the new singer’s shouting, while I slightly prefer the old one’s clean voice. To be fair, there’s not much in it though, and it’s clear that The Unguided have made the right choice in their new singer.

The songs themselves are not drastically different in style and still offer the kind of metal anthems that can easily light up a crowd. If you’re looking for dark, dismal or evil you’ve come to the wrong place. The Unguided produce bright, sparkly, shiny songs that are full of big choruses and big personality.

I needn’t have been apprehensive, its seems. Based on this brief two track taster the future of The Unguided looks bright. The new singer is a more than capable replacement and I look forward to what they do next.

Check this out.

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