Kold – Kold (Review)

Kold - KoldKold are a black metal band from Denmark and this is their debut release.

For some reason Kold is billed as an EP, despite having a duration of 39 minutes. Regardless of what it actually is, the music is really good, and that’s all that matters.

The foundation of Kold’s style is depressive black metal. The music drips with sorrowful emotion, and the band do well to channel this into songs that resound strongly with melancholy and woe. Incorporated into this base style is a firm dose of cold, frostbitten, second wave black metal. It’s a classic sound, and the band play it well. Kold inject their own personality into their music, of course, giving these songs a melodic and atmospheric character of their own.

It’s hard for me to dislike music like this. It’s played with passion, delivered with icy intensity, and absolutely smothered in raw emotive presence and atmospheric weight. I mean, what’s not to like? I like the second wave blast beats that carve through the snow like knives through flesh. I like the lighter atmospheric sections that speak of loss and misery to any that will listen. I like the slow, depressive influences that remind me of old Forgotten Tomb on occasion. I like the grim, lonesome melodic elements that are wrapped around the rhythm guitars like protective wards during an infernal summoning.

Yes, I like these four songs. I like Kold very much.

Are you partial to some particularly well-delivered and richly emotive black metal? Make sure that Kold is on your radar.

Very highly recommended.

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