Nightrage – The Venomous (Review)

NightrageNightrage are a melodic death metal band from Greece and this is their seventh album.

I always seem to enjoy an album that has high amounts of both aggression and melody, and The Venomous has both. The band’s upbeat and aggressive formula works a treat.

Catchy choruses and memorable verses are a commonplace occurrence on the album, and the songs in general have more than enough hooks to keep you glued to the speakers for the full duration. The singer’s sharp screams scythe and cut through the music with ease, accompanying the professionally-realised music.

Melodic leads and liquid guitar solos saturate the album like a delicate poison. Full of very juicy riffs and drums that sound as solid as granite, the songs tear out across the airwaves like apex predators, hungry for the kill; the album seems aptly named. It’s a strong collection of tracks that Nightrage have assembled, and The Venomous has enough of both style and content to keep people returning for more.

As you would expect for a band as experienced as this, (despite some new members), the songwriting is really top-drawer stuff. One of the things that makes The Venomous so good is the combination of old and new influences. Although it’s firmly based on the old Gothenburg principles of melodic death metal, Nightrage don’t limit themselves to this and instead take in some more modern influences to go alongside that. The result? An album that kicks ass.

I thoroughly enjoyed this. Make no mistake, this is a very good album indeed.

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