Imperium – Titanomachy (Review)

ImperiumImperium are a technical Death Metal band from the UK. This is their second album.

Ahh, Death Metal, most reliable of all musical styles in many ways. All you need is some decent blasting, aggressive vocals, a production with punch and you’re in business. Enter Imperium.

Yes, Imperium have all of the above. The songs on Titanomachy are satisfying beasts that combine brutality, technicality and speed into a muscular whole that rips, tears and shreds its way through the 44 minute playing time.

The singer has the kind of growl that sounds as if granite is grinding someone’s bones to dust with every syllable. It’s the type of voice that makes me sit up and take notice, exemplifying all that’s good about deep growls for me. The fact that he uses his talents so well is a major bonus, of course.

Fast-paced Death Metal is the main order of business, but they know when to take a slower route here and there. Although slower is the word rather than slow; this is more Hate Eternal than Hooded Menace.

Equally fast leads and solos are included as well, further upping the enjoyment factor for me. Imperium clearly know how to wield their instruments.

Importantly though, the songs are well-written and structured – the band obviously know a thing or two about writing Death Metal tracks and Titanomachy is more memorable than something this brutal has any right to be.

As someone who has a shameless love for all things Death Metal, I can’t help but really like this release. It ticks a lot of boxes for me – speed, aggression, production values, vocal quality, technical musicianship, brutal delivery…the list goes on, but essentially this blasts like a beast and makes an impression.

Highly recommended.

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