Utburd – Story of Frozen Souls (Review)

Utburd - Story of Frozen SoulsThis is the third album from Russian one-man black metal band Utburd.

Story of Frozen Souls is the 58-minute follow up to 2018’s The Horrors Untold.

Utburd’s music is a mix of the atmospheric and depressive styles. Primarily slow and mid-paced, there’s an old-school doom metal influence that can be heard too, and it lends the music a more accessible, polished edge to it that’s great to hear. The songs explore the balance between expansive blackened atmosphere, bleak depressive moods, and melody-rich doom. This is then occasionally enriched with some classic second wave influences and textured elements of post-black metal. The end result is a collection of songs that display a range of icy vistas for the listener to explore.

The songs are well-written pieces that offer a range of moods and feelings. The artist behind the band has clearly put a lot into this album, and that’s reflected in the quality of the final product. The music is cold and frosted, but not without variety and nuance. It is dynamic and expressive, and often showcase a rich creative streak that’s impressive to listen to.

Story of Frozen Souls is a strong, professional release, one that’s full of character and confidence. Utburd’s second album is very enjoyable and a recommended listen for fans of blackened mood and atmosphere.

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