Voidhanger – Dark Days of the Soul (Review)

VoidhangerVoidhanger are a blackened death/thrash band from Poland, and this is their third album.

It seems like a long time ago since the release of Voidhanger’s exemplary second album Working Class Misanthropy – and it has been. This album was notable for me due to its high quality levels; this style of music can easily leave me cold, but Voidhanger had that certain special something that meant their material was, quite simply, extremely enjoyable.

Well, this is still true for the 2018 incarnation of Voidhanger. Dark Days of the Soul is 35 minutes of carnage and attitude. The songs are fast and aggressive, blending the death, black, and thrash metal genres with some energetic punk and fiery venom. The band move between these various styles with an easy flow; although some songs, (or parts of them), occasionally favour one over the other, the band usually never spend too much time in just one.

This is nasty, old-school music with a couldn’t-care-less vibe running right through it. Jagged riffs and serrated rhythms are thrown around without any consideration for the damage they cause, mostly powered by unforgiving drumming or blasting anger.

Voidhanger are a song-oriented band at the end of the day as well, and there’s some strong writing on this album. Mood and pace is considered, lending some variety to the tracks, and they’re surprisingly catchy in places too.

The band’s blunt, barbaric singer picks up where the previous album left off, delivering a blistering performance with character and personality.

I found Dark Days of the Soul to be just as enjoyable as Working Class Misanthropy, and it’s great to hear some new material form the band. Voidhanger are still one of the best at this kind of thing.

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