Jarun – Rok Spokojnego Słońca (Review)

Jarun - Rok Spokojnego SłońcaThis is the fourth album from Jarun, a Polish progressive black metal band.

Both 2015’s Pod Niebem Utkanym z Popiołu and 2017’s Sporysz were very enjoyable blackened progressive/folk hybrids, and their newest album continues Jarun’s unbroken run of high quality releases.

Rok Spokojnego Słońca is Jarun’s most blackened assault yet. Folk and progressive elements can still be heard, and the band’s idiosyncratic delivery style remains intact, but there’s no denying the aggressive milieu of these new songs. However, as mentioned, amidst this increased harshness the band still retain their expansive, folk-enriched progressive side.

On Rok Spokojnego Słońca Jarun’s approach is that of a modern, professional black metal style, but one that has learned its lessons well from the past. The music takes the strengths from the old-school second wave masters, reforges them into something unique to Jarun, and then enhances this with folk elements and influences that add real value. The end result is a collection of songs that have a character, personality, and charisma all of their own.

These songs are well-written, and Jarun’s ability to blend their various influences together effectively remains undiminished. A decent amount of variety can be heard, with different moods, paces, and ideas showcased and utilised well across the album’s 47 minutes. The music is rich in atmosphere, emotion, and passion, all of which are deeply infused in these songs, making them a real pleasure to experience and to get to know.

Jarun have excelled on their latest release. Rok Spokojnego Słońca is a very enjoyable and rewarding album, full of emotive treasures, absorbing textures, and aggressive highs.

Very highly recommended.

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