Odraza – Rzeczom (Review)

Odraza - RzeczomThis is the second album from Polish black metallers Odraza.

On Rzeczom we get 45 minutes of black metal with avant-garde tendencies, which may be an apt description, but it doesn’t properly let you know what a real treat you’re in for should you choose to delve into Odraza’s world.

This is sophisticated modern black metal that marries aggressive darkness with imaginative songwriting. It’s clear from the very start that Odraza are not content to simply be your standard black metal act. There’s a definite feel of listening to something atypical, but without being so experimental as to no longer be of the genre it purports to be. There’s enough individual flair here to push things, but the core of Rzeczom is resolutely blackened.

Combining different aspects of an experimental, atmospheric, and distinctive nature, with furious aggression and withering harshness, this is music that understands perfectly what it is and wants to achieve. There area lots of interesting ideas and creative flourishes spread over the album’s duration, and Rzeczom is a compelling and adventurous collection of songs. Each track boasts the kind of quality that you rarely see on full albums, let alone single songs.

If ever there was a band putting their own spin on a very well-worn genre, then it’s Odraza, and with great results. If you’re looking for a taste of black metal that isn’t the same as the massed faceless hordes, then this is definitely an album you need to hear.

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