Revocation – Great Is Our Sin (Review)

RevocationThis is the sixth album from Revocation, a US death/thrash metal band.

Revocation have been steadily building a solid reputation for themselves over the years, and when you look at their latest release it’s easy to see why.

Here we have a band that combines death metal, thrash metal, technicality and even a bit of progressive metal into their state-of-the-art delivery. At this stage in the game the band very much know what they’re doing and how to pull it off, so it’s pleasing that they’re still willing to stretch and push themselves with their songwriting.

The band have worked hard to combine the above styles into a cohesive package, spending a decent amount of time working with each one of them so that none feel neglected. Technical playing, thrash catchiness and progressive melodies all play their part in these compositions, and that’s not to leave out the death metal speed and brutality, either.

The riffs come thick and fast, and it’s hard to fault any of the playing. Well, you just can’t, really. All of the band know their way around an instrument, with the guitars being a particular highlight; these guys know how to work their strings.

The importance of the song itself is never forgotten though, and the tracks on Great Is Our Sin are memorable ones. With a good amount of vocal variety and a strong, earthy production Great Is Our Sin is a winner all-round.

Well, Revocation’s latest release does nothing to tarnish their top-notch reputation. In fact, it will only enhance it. It seems that they can do no wrong.

Highly recommended.

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