My Deathbed – My Deathbed (Review)

My DeathbedMy Deathbed is a one man depressive black metal band from Greece. This is his second album.

Opening with a 24-minute monster of a track, My Deathbed offers us 51 minutes of bleak, depressive black metal. Continue reading

Entropy Created Consciousness – Impressions of the Morning Star (Review)

Entropy Created ConsciousnessEntropy Created Consciousness is a one man black metal band and this is his debut album.

This is obscure, underground black metal of the rarest variety. Individual and self-styled, it’s like Impressions of the Morning Star has been formed in a void of its own making, keeping itself apart from anything ostensibly similar to ensure its own dark purity. Continue reading

Profane Burial – The Rosewater Park Legend (Review)

Profane BurialProfane Burial are an orchestral/symphonic black metal band from Norway and this is their debut album.

There’s a lot of music out there in the world, and sometimes you have to decide just how you’re going to filter through it all and give something a listen. Sometimes this can be tricky work, but not in the case of Profane Burial. I knew I had to listen to this due to the presence of Continue reading