Byyrth – Echoes from the Seven Caves of Blood (Review)

ByyrthByyrth are a US black metal band and this is their second album.

This is some really nasty stuff. Here we have 27 minutes of raw black metal that goes straight for the jugular and JUST DOESN’T STOP.

The songs on Echoes from the Caves of Blood are largely short and uniformly ugly. That’s not to imply that this is a one-dimensional or unvaried release, as that definitely isn’t the case.

Listening to this is like listening to a raw second wave black metal band from the 90s that’s been skinned alive and then drowned in acid. There’s a real hateful lethality to this music, a real malignant aura of heartfelt malice and pure misanthropic scorn. This is pushed even further in the songs by some punk and hardcore elements that can heard here and there, stinking up the place and injecting their extra chaotic energies into an already unstable melting pot of virulent toxins.

The singer’s high pitched screams are a particular highlight for me on an album that’s full of them. His voice is piercing and murderous in the best of ways, cutting through the music like the proverbial knife through soft, delicate skin. There’s some notable guest vocals on two of the tracks too.

This is music that surely only the fans of the most underground and savagely obscure music will readily appreciate. It’s ferociously venomous and utterly deadly.

Whatever Byyth have been concocting in their mad Satanic scientist lair, they’ve clearly been imbibing it and regurgitating it out in the form of this infectiously malevolent music.

If you’re looking for polished, if you’re looking for safe, if you’re looking for a show, then this is resolutely not for you. Byyrth’s music is for true fans of underground raw black metal, and they’ve produced something quite special on Echoes from the Seven Caves of Blood.

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