Entropy Created Consciousness – Antica Memoria di Dis: Acheron & Lethe (Review)

Entropy Created Consciousness - Antica Memoria di Dis AcheronThis is the second album from Entropy Created Consciousness, a one-man, (with guests), black metal band.

I’m a big fan of 2018’s Impressions of the Morning Star, so this new release has been greatly anticipated by yours truly. I haven’t been disappointed. This is top tier underground esoteric blackened art. Continue reading

Wonderbox Metal End of Year List – Best Metal of 2018

Having considered it long and hard, I’ve decided that any form of introductory paragraph with any real substance would simply detract from the list below. As such, all I’ll say is that 2018, like every year, has given us some top quality metal releases. So have a look at my top picks for 2018, and hopefully you’ll find a new band to obsess over…

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Entropy Created Consciousness – Impressions of the Morning Star (Review)

Entropy Created ConsciousnessEntropy Created Consciousness is a one man black metal band and this is his debut album.

This is obscure, underground black metal of the rarest variety. Individual and self-styled, it’s like Impressions of the Morning Star has been formed in a void of its own making, keeping itself apart from anything ostensibly similar to ensure its own dark purity. Continue reading