Interview with Profane Burial

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Profane Burial’s debut album The Rosewater Park Legend gets released at the end of this month, and I heartily recommend you get hold of it. It’s a forceful collection of orchestral black metal songs, all delivered with skill, passion, and obvious ability.

I once more had the pleasure of catching up with the talented André Aaslie about his music, so sit back, listen to the tunes, and learn more about Profane Burial… Continue reading

Profane Burial – The Rosewater Park Legend (Review)

Profane BurialProfane Burial are an orchestral/symphonic black metal band from Norway and this is their debut album.

There’s a lot of music out there in the world, and sometimes you have to decide just how you’re going to filter through it all and give something a listen. Sometimes this can be tricky work, but not in the case of Profane Burial. I knew I had to listen to this due to the presence of Continue reading

Images at Twilight – Kings (Review)

Images at TwilightImages at Twilight are an orchestral Black Metal band from Norway. This is their début album.

Featuring the same orchestral mastermind behind the stunning symphonic Death/Doom début by Abyssic, Images at Twilight is essentially a Black Metal version of this, (or the other way around, actually, as this album came first), with rich, sumptuous orchestration and classical grandness.

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