Nòtt – Nòtt (Review)

NòttNòtt is a one man atmospheric black metal band from the US and this is his debut release.

The man behind Nòtt is also a member of the impressive Amiensus, and this first release is full of icy blackened darkness.

This is black metal that’s atmospheric and progressive, but infected with a certain acidic aggression too. This is music from the cold, frozen school of blackened malice, swollen with atmospheric promise, and delivered with scathing intensity.

The songs make good use of various paces, from slower melancholy passages, to mid-paced mood-builders, to blast beat-powered explorations. Whatever they are doing it’s a very effective mix, and it’s clear that the artist behind this work knows what he’s doing.

Expressive melodies and liquid leads are used well throughout these tracks, helping to soften the hard, frosted edges of the project’s inherent aggression. I like the combination of sharp blackened nastiness with more expansive melodic explorations that make up this release, and the music is very compelling and engaging.

A highly impressive first release, although given its source, there should be no real surprise, I suppose.

Very highly recommended.

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