Har – Visitation (Review)

HarHar are a black metal band from Israel and this is their latest EP.

Containing 18 minutes of the foulest black magicks, this EP is not for the weak of constitution. Har create black metal that’s threatening and malevolent.

Dark and sinister, Har’s black metal reeks of the underground and of flayed angels. This has the stench of pure atavistic evil about it; who knows what dire pacts have been made to unleash music like this on the world?

The band’s style is ancient and unfriendly, travelling to the root of the blackened plague, and picking up some crypt-rotten death metal along the way. Across the three tracks that are barely restrained on Visitation we are treated to some of the most grim and nasty black metal you could hope to hear.

It’s not without atmosphere or melody though, as the band use both well to achieve their nefarious ends. The band ply their dark arts at various speeds, but always with the most ominous and blackhearted intentions.

Don’t let the deep, cavernous vocals fool you either; the band don’t have a singer, they have a chained daemon that they force to spew out grim incantations and lost secrets. It’s enough to make your flesh shudder.

Har have impressed and terrified. Check this out if you dare.

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