Entropy Created Consciousness – Impressions of the Morning Star (Review)

Entropy Created ConsciousnessEntropy Created Consciousness is a one man black metal band and this is his debut album.

This is obscure, underground black metal of the rarest variety. Individual and self-styled, it’s like Impressions of the Morning Star has been formed in a void of its own making, keeping itself apart from anything ostensibly similar to ensure its own dark purity.

Well, this approach seems to have worked, as the resultant 40 minutes of material that Entropy Created Consciousness has chosen to unleash on the world is the kind of black metal that you won’t really hear too much of this year, (or many others). Although obviously based on familiar black metal foundations, (it wouldn’t be black metal otherwise), the artist behind this project definitely seems to have his own way of looking at the style, which is absolutely great to hear.

This is a varied and rich release, rampant with a darkly energetic life of its own. The songs can go from scathing, abrasive blasting mayhem to slow, majestic grandeur in the blink of an eye. Keyboards are frequently used to enhance the latter parts, effectively adding a layer of mystical exploratory sounds on top of the impressively affecting blackened structures. The blazing fast aggression that characterises parts of this album is hideously impressive, but I have to say that it’s the moments when the music slows and becomes achingly atmospheric and emotive that truly stand out.

Inhuman and cold, yet multifaceted and rich, the level of nuanced songwriting that’s apparent on these songs is astoundingly good. This album is shockingly impressive. It’s come completely out of nowhere too, and Impressions of the Morning Star easily has the necessary qualities to become a cult hit.

This really is underground, obscure, esoteric black metal at its absolute finest. It deserves to be heard far and wide.


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