Verheerer – Maltrér (Review)

VerheererVerheerer are a German black metal band and this is their debut album.

Here we have 49 minutes of black metal that’s both obscure and creative.

Taking influence from the second wave of black metal and combining this with the beginnings of the more expansive and inventive streak that started to appear not long after, Verheerer have created an authentic tribute to the times when black metal was just beginning to realise that it could be more than what it had started as, but without actually taking that bold next step. This means that while Maltrér features plenty of atypical riffs and ideas, it’s still ultimately an album of ice-cold black metal.

Moments of melody and dark groove are interspersed with harsher riffs and majestic sounds. The latter component can be quite arresting, and the music can be quite infernally grand when it wants to be. There are plenty of aggressively memorable riffs to be had peppered across the songs too, not to mention a wide spectrum of different melodies to be savoured, both blatant and subtle. I think my favourite parts of this release are when the music combines meaty riffs, esoteric melodies, and epic atmosphere. At these times, Verheerer are at the peak of their powers.

The vocals are grim and expressive, with a kind of dramatic occult delivery that finds the singer almost preaching and sermonising to the listener with great passion and fiery oration. Of course, he still leaves room for simply letting loose with a throat-shredding scream when he needs to.

Maltrér is an enjoyable and solid release, full of satisfying darkness and obvious potential. With a few malevolent tweaks here and there, Verheerer could definitely become a force to be reckoned with in the black metal underground. For now, Maltrér is a very satisfying listen in its own right, of course, and I urge you to check it out.

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