Ritual King – Earthrise (Review)

Ritual KingRitual King are a rock band from the UK and this is their latest EP.

This is personable blues/stoner rock, with plenty of groove and attitude. At 15 minutes in length it’s a good introduction to the band’s approachable brand of rock and roll.

Blues and stoner rock combine to form easy-to-like songs that flow out of the speakers effortlessly and enjoyably. Each of these three tracks are catchy and memorable in their own ways, with the riffs, melodies and vocals all arranged well. It’s clear that the band don’t suffer in the songwriting skills department. I can also imagine that these songs would be very easy to get along with in the live environment.

The singer’s voice is very pleasing and well-delivered. He knows how to use his voice and his clean singing is performed with conviction and talent.

The EP has a strong, punchy production that’s clear and balanced. The recording allows the songs to show off their strengths, making the most of the playing time to grab the listener and keep hold of them for the relatively brief playing time of the EP.

Earthrise is an enjoyable introduction to Ritual King’s rocking jams. Check them out.

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