My Deathbed – My Deathbed (Review)

My DeathbedMy Deathbed is a one man depressive black metal band from Greece. This is his second album.

Opening with a 24-minute monster of a track, My Deathbed offers us 51 minutes of bleak, depressive black metal.

The main depressive black metal style that is used by the music on this album is aided and abetted by a bleak doom influence that serves the music well. The material uses this approach effectively to craft hypnotic soundscapes built with negative thoughts and feelings of hopelessness.

The main focus of the music on this album is to find a repetitive riff to sink into and plough it for all it’s worth, building atmosphere through droning waves of darkness and despair. In many ways it’s a simplistic approach to songcraft, but it’s one that largely pays off during these gloomy, despondent songs.

The vocals are anguished screams performed by a tortured soul. They are definitely firmly of the depressive school of blackened screams, but are probably better delivered than many.

Ultimately this will only be for true adherents of the underground, who find solace in depressive, droning, monotonous black metal. If you have a taste for it though, there’s plenty to get lost in here.


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