Ufomammut – 8 (Review)

UfomammutUfomammut are an Italian doom metal band and this is their latest album.

Following on from the extremely enjoyable Ecate, 8 is another 45 minutes or so of prime doom metal, delivered in Ufomammut’s own inimitable style.

Slow and trippy, with plenty of psychedelic vibes to get lost in, the songs on 8 are very immersive and atmospheric. Creating heady moods and heralding dark times ahead, the music still manages to have its uplifting qualities, despite the overall heaviness and slowness of the songs.

Having said that about the slowness of the songs – 8 is relatively upbeat in places when compared to some of the band’s previous work. While not exactly fast, the band certainly settle into a decent groove here and there, and the songs on this album are some of the shortest that they’re produced. This should all be taken in the context of Ufomammut’s cosmic doom metal, of course, and their essential sound is still intact and very well-received, as usual.

The more progressive and tripped out elements of their sound are fully incorporated into the band’s doom, forming a sort of progressive psychedelic doom metal that they have made entirely their own. Engaging, compelling, and very easy to become absorbed by, 8 sees Ufomammut in fine form, bringing the doom in a particular way that only they seem to know how to do.

Alchemical witchcraft and crushing intensity never sounded so good.

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