Interview with Eryn Non Dae

Eryn Non Dae Logo

Eryn Non Dae are one of the more individual bands out there today, and their latest album Abandon of the Self is probably their greatest work to date. Sprawling, epic, and emotive, but probably not in ways you are used to, the band’s new album is a tour de force of progressive, expressive metal.

Bassist Mickaël André gave me some deeper insight into his remarkable band, and how Abandon of the Self came to be… Continue reading

Barren Earth – A Complex of Cages (Review)

Barren EarthBarren Earth are a progressive metal band from Finland and this is their fourth album.

My my, there’s a lot of talent in this band. With members from notable groups such as Amorphis, Moonsorrow, October Falls, and Kreator, as well as many others, you know this isn’t going to be a dud. Special note should Continue reading

Iron Harvest – Iron Harvest (Review)

Iron HarvestIron Harvest are a death metal band from the Netherlands and this is their debut album.

Sometimes all you need is death metal. Sometimes, brutal chaos and insane extremity is all that it takes to get you through the day. This debut album is one such release that hits the spot perfectly; 33 minutes of what can only be described as previously – brutal chaos. Continue reading

An Argency – Eternal Legacy (Review)

An ArgencyAn Argency are a deathcore/metalcore band from Belarus and this is their second album.

So here’s a band that are travelling a path slightly less-worn – self-described as symphonic blackened deathcore, or occult deathcore, Eternal Legacy is the sound of deathcore/metalcore structuring that’s been warped and corrupted by black metal’s sickening touch. Continue reading

Interview with Deathwhite

Deathwhite Logo

Deathwhite have recently released their debut album – For a Black Tomorrow – into the world, and if you haven’t yet had a chance to sample the band’s emotive melodic metal, then I heartily recommend that you do. It’s a very catchy and memorable collection of songs, one which I very much hope to be able to catch live in the future, if rumours of future shows are true.

As Deathwhite are a band that I discovered and enjoyed early on with their debut EP Ethereal, I couldn’t resist putting some questions to the band, which they were good enough to answer… Continue reading

Afsky – Sorg (Review)

AfskyAfsky is a one man black metal band from Denmark and this is his debut album.

Although principally a solo act, the artist behind Afsky did bring in many session musicians for the creation of this album, (including Myrkur who brings not only her musical skills to the band, but also her always impressive vocals at the end of the last song). These help to flesh out the album fully, and add additional touches to the songs here and there. For example; Continue reading