Deathwhite – Ethereal (Review)

DeathwhiteDeathwhite are from the US and play Melodic Metal.

A short acoustic intro, (the title track), sets the scene before launching into the first track proper When I (Wasn’t) You. It’s clear that bands like Katatonia, Paradise Lost and Anathema are influences and Deathwhite make the most of this legacy whilst making their own mark with these inspirations in mind.

The tracks are emotive and expressive, with instruments played with real feeling. Due to the style the songs sound instantly welcoming; the melodic nature of the riffs; the Doom Metal tinges; the clean singing almost angelic; it’s a heady package.

The riffs have a Post-Black Metal feel to them in addition to the aforementioned influences; these are set against a backdrop of heartfelt vocals that are like liquid silk floating delicately on the sea of Melodic Metal. Said riffs act as soft waves and the drums are ripples from gently dropping rain.

The plaintive tones and singing combine to make a carefully crafted set of songs that pluck at the heartstrings whilst still retaining a healthy, heavy, Metal persona.

25 minutes of quality Metal written and performed to a high standard. Recommended.

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