Affasia – Adrift in Remorse (Review)

AffasiaAffasia are a doom band from the US and this is their debut EP.

This EP contains four songs of melodic death/doom metal, spread out across 27 minutes of evocative and engaging music.

While you can hear a Paradise Lost influence in the songs, as they have a certain dark Gothic allure, there’s more than just that here.┬áThe songs are well-written examples of what you can do if you’re influenced by an iconic band like Paradise Lost, yet want to produce work that’s more than simple hero-worship. Affasia have definitely achieved that here, and their own personality is stamped on these tracks with surprising force.

The melodic riffs and keyboards make for quite an atmospheric and emotive collection of tracks, and the band obviously know how to craft a decent tune. There’s good structuring and an obvious appreciation of flow and rhythm here, and each of the songs offers an enjoyable insight into the band’s vision.┬áThe vocals alternate between sung cleans, harsher screams, and quite brutal growls. All are well-performed, with the dark growls being particularly striking.

I like what the band are doing with this sub-genre; it’s so easy for purveyors of this kind of melodic/Gothic death/doom to wallow in the classic 90s sound, but Affasia succeed in dragging these older, well-worn influences into the modern age. To return to the Paradise Lost comparison, Affasia have more in common with the latest incarnation of that venerable band than any other. As I say though; I like that this is actually more of a spiritual connection rather than outright hero-worship, as Affasia are treading their own path into the dark night.

Highly recommended. I look forward to seeing where the band take this, as there’s a lot of potential here.

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