Slaughterday – Abattoir (Review)

SlaughterdaySlaughterday are a German death metal band and this is their latest EP.

I have a huge soft spot for Slaughterday. Ostensibly no different to any number of other old-school death metal bands, there’s just something hard to define about them that I just really enjoy, (check out Nightmare Vortex, Ravenous, and Laws of the Occult to see what I mean). Continue reading


Metamorphosis – The Secret Art (Review)

MetamorphosisThis is the sixth album from German one man black metal band Metamorphosis.

Here we have 40 minutes of music that takes traditional satanic black metal and blends it with a decent helping of death metal muscle, doom metal melodic allure, thrash metal energy, and symphonic black metal grandeur. Continue reading

Barren Earth – A Complex of Cages (Review)

Barren EarthBarren Earth are a progressive metal band from Finland and this is their fourth album.

My my, there’s a lot of talent in this band. With members from notable groups such as Amorphis, Moonsorrow, October Falls, and Kreator, as well as many others, you know this isn’t going to be a dud. Special note should Continue reading

Deathwhite – For a Black Tomorrow (Review)

DeathwhiteDeathwhite are a melodic metal band from the US and this is their debut album.

Having enjoyed Deathwhite’s material on 2014’s Ethereal and 2015’s Solitary Martyr, I was pleased when their obvious talent was recognised by Season of Mist. I’ve enjoyed witnessing them develop as a band over the years, and now we finally have Continue reading

Maloic – Death (Review)

MaloicMaloic are an Indian death metal band and this is their debut album.

This is melodic death metal with folk elements. Featuring influences from traditional Indian music, Maloic are reminiscent of the early/mid 90s death metal era, where bands were experimenting with the core genre to include wider styles.  Continue reading

Macabra – …to the Bone (Review)

MacabraThis is the second album from this death metal band, a collaboration between American and Belgian members.

Macabra specialise in old-school death metal that has a 90s Scandinavian flavour. Theirs is a paean to the atmospheric death metal of the 90s, as espoused by bands such as Amorphis and the like.

Quality riffs, the likes of which Continue reading

Lying Figures – A World of My Own (Review)

Lying FiguresLying Figures are a Death/Doom band from France and this is their second EP.

Funereal riffs and Doom melodies are a firm basis of these songs. The winding melodies and dirge workouts pervade the EP like a miasma of misery.

Screaming and growling vocals are used alongside sorrowful cleans to provide a multitude of vocal textures, including a Gothic feeling from the cleans.

The overall feeling is of a band taking the Death/Doom formula and updating for the modern era; whilst it is recognisable as Death/Doom, the band have tinkered with the style enough so that it has a contemporary feel to it.

The songs provide a relatively laid back take on the genre as well, even when the harsh screams and growls are taken into consideration. It’s Doom Metal easy listening, but in a good way. The aggression that they have is contained and channelled appropriately and the songs benefit from this focus of intent.

Lying Figures take elements of bands such as Amorphis, Moonspell, My Dying Bride and Katatonia and fuse them into their own work. Suffice to say, if you like the aforementioned bands I imagine you’ll like this too.

This is an enjoyable EP that bodes well for the future of the band. Let’s see what they do next.

Dehumanize/Nihilism – Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed – Split (Review)

Nihilism DehumanizeDehumanize and Nihilism are both French Death Metal bands. They’ve conspired together to unleash this split on the world and have clearly given it some thought rather than just chucking some old songs together; each band has contributed two new songs, a new version of an old song and a cover of one of the other’s. As ideas for splits go it’s better than most.

We start off with Dehumanize, who offer us 16 minutes of sharp Death Metal.

Dehumanize have a good amount of both savagery and brutal melody in their sound. Solos and leads are used well and there’s lots of meaty guitar action.

Their style incorporates an Old-School feeling as well as some Thrash influences in the riff department.

This is an interesting collection of tracks and, for whatever reason, I enjoy each one more than the previous. This culminates in their final song Don’t Be Scared with it’s driving rhythm guitar and subtle melodies that combine with some brutal thrashing and an emotive vocal performance. It’s almost as if you’re watching the band warm up – the start of their side is good but it definitely improves as it goes along.

After Dehumanize, Nihilism have 20 minutes to show their stuff.

Nhilism’s Death Metal is rhythmic and Old-School. It’s primitive and atavistic with an underground sound and vocals that sound like they’re issuing forth from a daemonic cavern. Interestingly though, the band aren’t above using semi-clean vocals when they need to; this, coupled with some nice melodic/atmospheric work, lends them an air of early Amorphis/Anathema/Sentenced on occasion.

The songs have a fuzzed up bounce to them and a rotten energy that’s undeniable. The Old-School is strong with these, and the more interesting elements of atmosphere and harmonies make the band even more compelling than if there were just playing Old-School Death Metal alone.

An enjoyable split from both bands.