Bong – Thought and Existence (Review and Interview)

BongBong are a doom/drone band from the UK and this is their eighth album.

Featuring a member of 11 Paranoias, Bong are a prolific psychedelic doom/drone metal band that create sprawling, expansive songs that you can easily lose yourself in.

Hypnotic drone and psychedelic explorations meet when Bong release material, and the end result is both immersive and compelling. Bong’s music doesn’t offer instant gratification for people with low attention spans. No, this is music that creeps, crawls, and grows, dragging itself through smoky, hazy soundscapes to gradually and inexorably lodge itself in your subconscious.

The music shifts and evolves with glacial intent, or otherwise rhythmically shakes itself into new formulations with percussive intensity and mesmerising allure. Thought and Existence is the type of release that’s completely captivating when you’re listening to it, and its ritualistic droning is as soothing and comforting as it is utterly engaging.

Entrancing and absorbing, Bong have once again released an album that’s impossible for me to ignore. Thought and Existence provides a transcendent experience for travellers of the outer realms.

This is an impressive release, one that demands further exploration. As such, David Terry, responsible for bass and vocals, was kind enough to tell us a bit more about Thought and Existence…

Introduce us to Bong?

We are a three-piece psychedelic drone band from the UK. We play slow, heavy music.

What are your influences?

Minimalism, drugs, literature, astronomy, krautrock…

Name five things you’ve listened to recently that you’d recommend

Pärson Sound – Pärson Sound
Ash Ra Tempel – Schwingungen
Horseback – The Invisible Mountain
Gnod – The Somnambulist’s Tale
Nightstick – Blotter

What inspired the creation of Thought and Existence?

Some memories are so intense that they remind us that we occupy unalterable moments in time…The past still exists and this album is a tribute to those moments.

How were the two tracks written and arranged?

They are long jams around a central riff. We composed them in the studio with riffs we had tried out beforehand.

How would you compare and contrast The Golden Fields with Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius?

The Golden Fields has a much more driving feel and Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius is a much more laid-back affair.

How would you compare Thought and Existence with your previous work?

It is an evolution from the previous album, with a similar format but taken a few steps further.

Did you approach any aspect of Thought and Existence’s creation differently from any of your previous releases, or was it much the same process as you have used in the past?

The same process really. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!

Bong Band

If you had it to do over again, would you change anything?

Not yet!

What are your ambitions for Thought and Existence?

Thought and Existence is out on May 4th on Ritual Productions…We are currently booking shows for Europe and UK and looking for interested promoters.

Tell us about the album cover art and its significance

We wanted something more ‘stellar’ after the pastoral feel of the previous album, tried out a few ideas and this one worked best.

What are your views on the UK metal scene in 2018?

I’m not really in touch with it…There is some decent death metal around but we’re more connected with the drone and noise scenes…

Playing live – essential or pointless?

It is the most enjoyable aspect of being in a band…Whether anything has any point is an entirely different question!

Any final words?

Thank you for the interview! Keep it slow…

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